10 Things I’m loving about Colin Right Now

Colin turned one on Wednesday, and in the spirit of remembering this time, these are some of the things that I’m loving about him right now.

1. His hands – Be still my heart. When he gets excited about something that’s about to happen or is antsy for a bottle, he rubs his hands together, and holds them, fingers wiggling, for patience or… for something. When he wants bread, or carrot sticks, or to be picked up, he sticks out his hands in the air saying “give me, give me” or “pick me up.”

photo 1 (2)

2. He is a fan of repetition. So if you come up with a game that he loves (having him throw himself off the bed into your arms), he’s going to want to do it 100 million times. I warned you!

3. He is obsessed with doors. Closing them. Opening them. Closing Them. Opening them. We’ve had to install a few door stoppers to insure that no fingers get hurt.

4. He loves to crawl and walk holding objects. I don’t know if this is a security thing….If you try to take one from him, all hell will break loose.

photo 2 (3)

5. He loves rice. And if he sees it’s for dinner and we’re not fast enough at preparing it, he’ll burst into tears. At first I was hesitant to introduce him to rice, but then I thought….He’s a growing boy, there’s nothing wrong with supplementing his diet with a decent carb.

6. He loves to cuddle into his Dad and there’s nothing that makes my heart beat faster than seeing this. It’s so important for me for their relationship to be solid and to be strong, that when he wants his poppa, I get out-of-the-way, fast.

7. His Poppa is much more fun at bath time than I am. He makes noises with airplanes, helicopters, and cars, and now Colin, when he’s holding a toy, tries to emulate his father by making car noises. It is adorable.

8. He loves placing toys into other toys, or rice granules in his blue cup.

9. He’s now into testing his strength, crunching Cheerios or carrot sticks into little pieces, and throwing them on the floor.

10. When he knows he’s not supposed to do something, he looks at me to gauge my reaction and then decides to go on and do it anyways (like touch these champagne bottles).

photo 3 (2)


I Heart My Patio Set

image (1)

As the London weather improves, there’s no place I rather be than my Patio (even if the cushions are still stored away in the shed). Excuse the laundry, but there’s also no better way to dry wet clothes than using some good old sun. 🙂

Combined with a Passion Planner, Lemon and Honey Water, this working space totally beats Starbucks, as I can never focus enough due to the noise.

What things are you enjoying today?