Three Things Thursday

  1. Let’s address the big elephant in the room. I’m back after more than a month away! My absence was mostly due to our trip to the States and Colombia in August (one word: exhausting). Here are some pictures if you want to see.
  2. Colin is 29 months old today. His language is exploding and he’s making four word sentences left and right. This week he started saying “Thomas” (After Thomas the Tank Engine). We started potty training this month (slow potty training), and while he gets the concept, we are still working on executing said concept 😉 #funtimes
  3. My chiropractor seems to double as my therapist. Last week, we had the below conversation.

Chiropractor: You Look Tired. And dehydrated, your lips are chapped.

Me: I am tired (and feeling guilty about the coffee I just had).

Chiropractor: How far along are you?

Me: Thirty Weeks. Yesterday I was talking to the hubby, and when I converted 10 weeks to days (70), I was like that’s.a.long.time.

Chiropractor: Snap out of it. Do you know how miserable these weeks are going to be if you continue with this attitude?

Me: Good point…

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