Three Things Thursday


  1. This boy completely and utterly melts my heart. I think it was Monday, he advised me from the bottom of the stairs, that my coffee “tete” was ready. (I only really understood “Baba (Mamma)” “Tete (Coffee)” but that was enough to get me out of bed STAT.
  2. I went to a Pregnancy Yoga class on Tuesday and really enjoyed it. This pregnancy, I have focused more on Cardio and Lifting weights, but going forward, I will add Pregnancy Yoga as much as I can. Throughout this class we did Squats! Planks! Pigeon Pose!
  3. Recently, I donated to Alton Sterling’s Family GoFundMe. It wasn’t much, but I realized that just reading about Racism and being horrified about everything that’s going on in the States isn’t enough. If you want to learn more about institutional racism, read this, this, and this.

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