Three Things Thursday


  1. Last week, I went to a Pediatric fist aid class for Babies and Toddlers and realized how naive and ignorant I was about what to do when a baby or toddler is choking. Did you know that you’re not supposed to put your finger in a baby’s palette if they are younger than a year old as its underdeveloped and your finger can go straight through? I also had no idea that to prevent toddlers and babies from choking on their own tongues you have to tilt their heads back.
  2. We are on an official eBay spree to get rid of things we don’t use, and no longer need. It feels so good to ship things onward to people who will use them more.
  3. I’m a big fan of cooking at home, but the recipes I’ve followed recently have given me a gigantic batch of food that has felt endless in my refrigerator. This Zucchini bread lasted for two weeks without going bad, but I felt bad if I didn’t eat some every time I opened the refrigerator. Likewise, this Ginger Carrot Apple Soup was amazing (and quite gingery), but I made so much, that I felt very overwhelmed by the food that I had to go through. Ultimately, I finished everything and was quite proud of myself, but I’m implementing a new policy. Going forward, I will half every recipe I cook. I will keep you posted on how this works out for me!

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