Three Things Thursday

1. On Sunday, I made some Zucchini Bread, following Stephanie’s recipe. Even though I made some changes to the recipe, it still came out delicious. Instead of regular sugar, I used coconut sugar, instead of regular flour, I used coconut flour, and instead of oil, I used cacao butter. You can get these substitute ingredients at Indigo Herbs.

2. I’m in the middle of listening to my brother’s podcast with Quest co-founder Tom Bilyeu and there are some amazing bits of wisdom that I took away. For example, Tom Bilyeu was never an athlete, but to get the body he wanted, he knew he would do whatever he could to protect his wife. During his workouts, he would eye the fittest guy at the gym and aim to be stronger than him. And that’s how he got the body he wanted.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 8.00.44 AM

3. Last week I got these puzzles for Colin (with 2, 3, 4, and 5 pieces), and he’s doing a really good job at completing the ones with 2 and 3 pieces. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with trains, buses, tractors, and cars, and I was right! #parentwin




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