Three Things Thursday

  1. Thanks to this book, 150 + Screen-Free Activities for Kids, I have become obsessed with doing arts and crafts with Colin. Have no fear, screen time is still allowed in my household, but preparing these activities for Colin make me feel like a child again, and seeing him touch, listen, and engage his senses is just so cool. IMG_5934

2. Being a working mom, I have to schedule time to be active, without necessarily, scheduling it. For example, yesterday, I took the stairs from the third floor to the 30th at work and I walked home three miles instead of making it to the gym. I also find these dvds to offer quick and effective half-an-hour workouts that I can do while Colin naps.

3. I go through major stages where I take 1,000 pictures a day of Colin or life (mostly Colin), and then I fall off the planet and don’t. I’m currently going through the stage where I’m not taking many pictures, but here’s the adorable mother’s day card that he made for me. Unassisted, of course. 😉





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