On Weaning


Colin is officially weaned off his nightly milk and that makes life so much easier for Evan and I. We have no more bottles to clean and no more nighttime mixing of formula and water. Colin’s sleep isn’t perfect yet, but at least the three of us are having less interrupted nights, and Colin is slowly learning to go back to sleep without his milk. Another plus to this is that we don’t have to travel with bottles anymore. We were in Alicante this weekend and while I took a bit of formula as an emergency, I didn’t bring any bottles! #parentwin

In typical parent fashion, I d0 feel slightly nostalgic that this phase of parenthood is ending. Milk was such a comfort for Colin and I’m glad we gave it to him for as long as we did.

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On Starting


To be honest, starting anything new, different, is so difficult for me. I face so much resistance from my mind, and most of it is justified… I work full-time, I have a two-year old son, I’m married.

My internal conversations most of the time go something like this:


Me: I want to exercise….Let’s go to the gym.

Mind: GYM?! But your Boss never leaves his desk and you leave early to pick Colin up and he likes facetime, so def a big NO NO.

Me: What about fifteen minutes?

Mind: What’s fifteen minutes going to do for you?!?! NOTHING. 


Me: I want to start writing again

Mind: LOL. LOL. LOL. Writing?! You don’t have the time you petulant fool, stick with the basics. 

Me: What if I make the time?

Mind: And what – Never see the light of day again?! Just don’t bother. 

Change something in the above variations and you have what I call My Resistance, or own personal war.

My life IS pretty full and if I work hard enough, I can convince myself pretty effectively, that I don’t have the energy or the bandwidth to take anything else on.


Over the last few weeks, having a full enough life hasn’t felt like a good enough reason to not start. I’ve felt antsy and the need to shake things up, and so I have. I’ve started blogging again, and writing ,and I signed up for a course and these goals scare me, but I feel so happy that I’m doing something for myself.

I don’t mind if my writing isn’t good. Just getting something on paper feels like a huge accomplishment. I don’t mind if I struggle through my coursework, learning something new sounds fascinating to me. I don’t mind if my workouts aren’t expensive, at the gym, and consume hours of my time. I’m still sweating, sore the next day, and my body feels strong and healthy. And that does feel good enough for me.

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Have a Beautiful Weekend


I’m so glad it’s Friday , as I feel it’s been an exhausting week… We’ve been weaning Colin off his nightly bottle and that has caused a few less hours of sleep here and there, but with consistency this should make us less exhausted in the long run. #parentwin

Here are a few links from around the web that are worth a read:

Building a home your kids want to come home to (loved the journaling idea!)

Humans Of New York has been posting stories gathered from the Pediatrics Department of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. They are beautiful, heart breaking, and vulnerable.

I listened to my Episode 17 of Resist Average Academy Podcast with Dr. John DeMartini and was blown away by his message. One of my favorite quotes was “Marriage isn’t about happiness.” Have a listen if you’re into podcasts.

I’ve been eyeing this purse (The Pearl) for months as I love how classy and mom friendly it appears to be.

(Photo of Italian Lake by Sandra Aberg)

Three Things Thursday

  1. Thanks to this book, 150 + Screen-Free Activities for Kids, I have become obsessed with doing arts and crafts with Colin. Have no fear, screen time is still allowed in my household, but preparing these activities for Colin make me feel like a child again, and seeing him touch, listen, and engage his senses is just so cool. IMG_5934

2. Being a working mom, I have to schedule time to be active, without necessarily, scheduling it. For example, yesterday, I took the stairs from the third floor to the 30th at work and I walked home three miles instead of making it to the gym. I also find these dvds to offer quick and effective half-an-hour workouts that I can do while Colin naps.

3. I go through major stages where I take 1,000 pictures a day of Colin or life (mostly Colin), and then I fall off the planet and don’t. I’m currently going through the stage where I’m not taking many pictures, but here’s the adorable mother’s day card that he made for me. Unassisted, of course. 😉