Do You Prefer E-Reading or Real Books?


This year, I began to crave real books again. It feels luxurious, in this time constrained world, where I’m constantly being pulled to attend to my son, or to go somewhere, to sift through the pages of a real book. It also feels more satisfying than swiping away the “pages” on a screen. Apparently, I’m not the only one that feels this way. 

Before this, I had transitioned solely to e-reading, as it was cheaper, more convenient, better for the planet, and less bulky. And while all these reasons remain true, that doesn’t mean that I always need to use the Kindle App to get my reading on. So I’ve started to give myself permission to walk to the local Waterstones and choose a book or two to purchase (All The Light We Cannot See, The Girl On The Train, and Elizabeth is Missing have been my most recent buys).

It feels absolutely amazing to talk to the store employees and to be surrounded by people who love books. I also love seeing my current read on the nightstand.

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That being said, this week, I have used my kindle app a bit more as Colin has been sick. While he snoozes, in the dark, it is definitely easier to swipe away the “pages” on an iPhone Screen. 🙂 Ahh, motherhood.

I don’t have to choose one method over the other. I can enjoy both, and not feel bad about indulging in real books.

What Do You Prefer?

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Today, I am tired.


Today, I am tired. Tired of retreats for freelancers and entrepreneurs being promoted on my Facebook feed. I don’t need any more retreats.  Tired of self improvement gurus telling me what I can do to improve my life. Tired of pages promoting a more exciting and more fulfilling life (I’m noticing a trend here, and listen up readers, I will clean up my Facebook feed).

What happens when life isn’t exciting? When the shit hits the fan so to speak? When a family member falls ill? Are you really going to keep to your morning routine? Or when you lose your job? Will you continue to buy that $4.00 latte? Or when your child is born and it’s not all sunshine and roses, but exhaustion and exhaustion, layered on top of exhaustion? What happens then, coaches? How do you get to that perfect life when you can’t even manage to get through each day?

I’m also tired of Colin waking up in the middle of the night and not wanting to go back to sleep. I’m tired of Evan and I being tired and just wanting to sleep (hello, new parenthood. you suck). Tired of coordinating shit between my babysitter, daycare, and my cleaner, of providing clarifications for shit that is super obvious. (Dumbfuck, I paid you more than a month ago. If you can’t keep your records clean, don’t come and harass me. And if you do, I will give you attitude.)

I’m also tired of my first world problems. (Like this morning, the shower water went cold and I was like: WTF why is the water going cold? And then my brain told me to STFU and be grateful for the fact that I have water and a shower to use.every.single.morning). I’m tired of superficial conversations that don’t matter. Of assumptions. Of Expectations.