Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts For My Momma

My mother lives in Westport, Connecticut while I live in London. While we make it a point to see each other at least four times a year (especially now that Colin is around), I do end up missing some important holidays, like mother’s day. Because I’m not in the deep throws of new parenthood this year, I actually have the capacity to focus on making my mother feel loved, even if I’m a few thousand miles away.

This year, she’s getting a:

1. Greeting Card from Colin. I got on Shutterfly and personalized a (grand) mother’s day card on behalf of Colin. I’m  guessing that this will be a favorite, hands-down.



2. 8×10 Desktop Plaque from ShutterflyYou guessed it. With more pictures of Colin, but with her. 



3. The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: A Five-year Record My mom has a difficult time sitting down for long periods of time. Additionally, she is always impressed / surprised with how fast time passes (I think this is a function of not being fully aware of her day-to-day comings and goings). I figured this journal would give us something to talk about over facetime or text, and wouldn’t be very overwhelming to complete.  For me, it’s going to be cool to know what that one daily happy thing for her was. I.e., it will make me feel closer to her.


4. Barcraft Champagne and Sparkling Wine Stopper – Evan and I are full of champagne stoppers, which means our bubbly lasts up to a few days (Something very important for when you have a baby, or a toddler, or a human depending on you). Last time I was in Westport, Connecticut, I noticed that my mom had to put the champagne without a stopper in the fridge. So I made a mental note to buy her one so her bubbles last longer. Note: To be used for the next time that I’m home. 😉


5. Handmade Mother’s Day Card from Etsy – I try to support independent artists as much as possible and etsy is a great place to find things made by them. I ordered the below mother’s day card from etsy and it’s beautiful (may I also add that it’s already written out? 😉 ) il_570xN.738719879_g3tj

Cup of Jo has some great mother’s day gift ideas if you’re scrambling for some.

Whatever you’re doing this year, whether you’re a mamma or a mamma-to-be, or just honoring your mamma, I hope you feel loved and make any mamma around you feel loved, special, and honored.




2 thoughts on “Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts For My Momma

    1. Thanks so much Diana! Let’s hope that my mom actually gets around to using it 😉 And I think Colin is pretty cute too (except for the fact that he wakes me up everyday at or around 5 A.M.) XoXo


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